My message to artists “Draw what you love. Create what inspires you.”

As much as I love gourd carving I am always searching for new creative avenues for my art.

I have painted portraits, animals, landscapes, worked in acrylics, watercolor, pen and Ink, wood carving, glass engraving, and gourd carving.  I asked myself one day “Am I creating art that really inspires me?”

I do love nature and leaves and that has inspired my gourd carvings all these years, but I realized my love for horses is one of my greatest inspirations that I have not included in my art.  I was raised on a farm and my love for horses has always been there.  I started carving horses on gourds and I loved doing that but felt I needed more freedom in creating each sculpture.

I decided to take classes from Jeff Wolf who is a great Western Artist and Sculptor who lives not far from where I live in Utah.  He has taught me how to sculpt my horses in clay, make molds of the clay reliefs and pour molds to make my sculptures. Each sculpture when painted becomes its own unique piece of art work.

Be sure and visit my Western Art Gallery before leaving my website.

Thanks for stopping by.

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